Instagram Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

Instagram has grown and evolved similar to Facebook, as it has been packed up with a lot of amazing new features at a lightning-fast rate and becoming an indispensable tool for merchants and users. As far as social media marketing goes, Instagram will be ruling the business world. Instagram is a visual-focused platform for marketing with enthusiastic followers and high engagement.

Any marketer who isn't using Instagram is actually wasting money, it should be definitely used as a tool for your marketing strategy.

If you're a beginner, no worries, we'll explain all the steps right from setting up your profile and creating highly engaging content to using various marketing features. This blog will provide a deep insight into building a powerful Instagram marketing strategy, especially for beginners.

Set up your Instagram Business account

Tap on the Settings option and select 'switch to business profile'. If you already have a Facebook business page then connect it with your Instagram business profile to make the most of this feature. Fill in all the relevant info right from setting the category, profile pic, bio, and contact information. etc.

Setting up a business account is very important for people to recognize your brand. Add your email address, contact number, and physical address for people to easily reach you.

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Before jumping into marketing, it's good to know for what purpose you have to use Instagram? what are the goal and objectives? Are you looking to enhance your brand awareness, or aiming at drawing attention to specific products or services?

If you want to attract an audience for your brand, then the right goal is needed. With clear goals and actions, you can achieve what you need.

Add an informative & eye-catchy bio

Give an amazing introduction about your brand in bio. Don't make it too long, write a short yet clear description within 150 words. Include emojis and branded hashtags to make your bio interesting and eye-catching. Add a link on your Instagram profile that could lead to your website, where the visitors can be able to view your recent posts, and products you launched, or correspond to a post you shared recently. Put a compelling call to action along with this link on your profile.

Post High Quality, Optimized Photos and Videos

Before posting photos or videos on Instagram, fine-tune them to add more elegance. Edit your content to create sharp, high-quality videos as well as images. There are a lot of filters available within the app to make used of it to make the content attractive.

Post Consistently When Your Audience Is Active

Schedule and publish your posts consistently. Consistency is the key to any business. It helps them reach their target audience easily. To get high engagement on your brand, posting content consistently is important. Identify when your audience will be more active on Instagram and publish your posts.

Use Instagram stories

This helps to deliver engaging content. Bring out your brand’s story using Instagram stories. With Instagram stories, you can create content such as 15-second long videos, photo slides, and various forms. Most of the users watch stories rather than post. Explore your creativity to leverage this feature of Instagram in favor of your brand.

Use Reels

Instagram’s big 2020 release was the introduction of Reels. Reels are 10-to-60-second videos that are in vertical format. It can be posted to your Instagram feed and have the chance to show up on the Explore page, where thousands of potential new followers can watch.

7 powerful tips for your Instagram marketing strategy

  • Maintain Visual Consistency in Your Feed
  • Make Use Of The Right Hashtags
  • Use-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Use video ads to your advantage
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Giveaways and contests
  • Use Instagram Stories and IGTV to your advantage.

Advantages of Instagram Marketing

  • There are 500 million daily active users on the platform.
  • It has a higher conversion rate.
  • Has a monthly active user base of almost 1 billion people.
  • Marketers report that they earned more than $7 billion in revenue.
  • It is also home to over 2 million marketers.
  • Instagram has a lot of targeting choices.
  • Offers various opportunities to sell your product or services.

By using Instagram's marketing strategy you'll discover vast opportunities for selling your products or services and become more accessible as well as profitable. Instagram creates interaction, builds strong relationships, and exceeds its annual financial targets.